Gwigle - Google Game!

How far can you get?

I made it to 1.9 :blush:

I don’t think I can do level 1.3 without doing some research. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made it to 1.2. Very nice game. Well built :slight_smile:

I got to 1.6 and gave up :stuck_out_tongue:

Stuck @ 1.9 :frowning:


Anyone who gets it give me a hint! I think 1.9 is the last level… :lol:

Nope, it’s not the last. I being impatient googled for solution and got farther.:smiley:

Hint: It’s not a keyword, think of the proper use of this search option.

^ :smiley:
nice one :agree:
got it

now stuck @ 1.e

Hehe, here’s what it says in the end:

You are truly great at using Google!

Ever thought of working for… ehmm… Google? :slight_smile:

And a movie about how working for google is great, follows. :slight_smile:

Got to 2.0
I’ll try tomorrow with part 2.

wtf is 1.d? :frowning:


Nevermind. Just Googled it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i made it to 1.2

This game sucks…

It kind of does. :stuck_out_tongue: