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to all the guitar lovers out their, i am thinking of buying a new guitar … what brand should you refer ,“Gibson” or “Epiphone”?

Hello, I’d say Epiphone just if you don’t have enough money to get a Gibson!

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I would say go to your local music shop and try different guitars, you may be surprised, I regularly try lesser known makes which have been great to play.

It doesn’t have to have a well known make to be top notch.


So what do you prefer an acoustic or base guitar

Just try different guitars as @bluedreamerS suggested. And choose, depending on what style of music you’re going to play.

Some guitars sound great for “light” styles like alternative or pop rock. But if you’re going to play something brutal, you should consider buying extra pedals, powerful amp, thick picks and so on.

If you’re a beginner, don’t spend a lot on your first guitar, just practice more

what is the difference with Epiphone with Gibson , at the price?

i am playing metalcore and post hardcore genres, i want to dispose my old guitar, because i want to buy a new one…

I have an inexpensive Hohner 6 string and a somewhat more expensive Kaman GTX bass.

But I do not play in a band and only play for self enjoyment as a hobby.

Really though, if you are not afraid of being persuaded by a salesperson into buying something more than you need, I think going to a store and trying them out is the best advice.
I don’t know about you, but to me the choice of instrument is a relationship. i.e. the style, the weight, and the sound it can produce.


yes … i understand ,…

I suggest Gibson, it’s a great quality guitar

“Some things never change” it`s about Gibson guitar:)

Gibson is ever best.

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