[GUIDELINES] General Chat changes!

As you may have noticed, General Chat has now become General Discussions. Please take a minute to read the new guidelines below.
If you have any comments or burning issues that you feel must be addressed, then please, let me know


General Discussions Forum guidelines

General Discussions is a place for you to chew the fat, cogitate and chat about topics that don’t really fit elsewhere within SitePoint Forums.
It’s a place where active discussion is encouraged on most subjects although no politics or religious discussion is allowed.

To maintain a healthy discussion and get away from the stale odour of ripe spam or the tepid waters of account priming we are introducing some guidelines.
If you start a thread in General Discussion then you should at least tell us why and give the discussion a starting point!
For example instead of posting - “Who is your favourite singer…” and then nothing else, tell us who YOUR favourite singer is and WHY.

We prefer threads vaguely related to computers/web/design/development etc, if they aren’t but are still entertaining, thought provoking or useful then they can stay!
After all we aren’t setting out any sad, hippy laws or running a totalitarian state :slight_smile:

Games threads are actively encouraged too; some of the best General Discussion threads are games.
Example True or False

Please, no garbage threads. I dont care if your butt looks big or a naff jacket for your wife ended up in the divorce courts!
A good example of a garbage thread would be this one: Best day of your life?. The original poster has posed the question with no real intent and never returned to the thread to discuss any replies, nor did they give an example of their best day or explain why.

If you post like that then it will be removed.

Any questions?
I have decided now that we can happily live without the “What’s your favourite …” threads too so please don’t start any of those.

Ta :)[/B]

Is me posting Rubiks cube averages allowed (in attempts to get people to learn to solve, or at least get interested?)

Hey Ryan.
We’re definitely not the fun police, so post away. We just want to avoid fluff.

I think it is not good to post fluff and you should post real topic.

I think these are what the change was meant to help against. =p

This means we can start posting our averages too? :wink: :lol:

Ya i totally agreed with saminine you guys should post real topic…

Hmmmm… I think there might be a point being missed here. :wink:

In the words of Stomme - LAWLZ!

At least they agreed. =D

What’s the fun in posting a serious topic…? There are way too many in every other area of this forum :slight_smile:

I agree with you spikeZ!
Somebody didn’t get it, but, still, managed a gold piece of involuntary humour!

Ryan, I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you combine the two: use web dev to explain how the Rubik can be solved.

For a project in OpenGL on one of my master’s exams, I’ve made a simple tutorial on how to solve the Wooden Cross Puzzle: Wooden Cross Puzzle Solution | Game Video Spot (this is not the OpenGL version I made, obviously :lol:).

I believe HTML5 and CSS3 are enough now for you to make it interesting for a general topic on a tech forum, and still be able to talk about your hobby: solving and excelling at solving the Rubik’s cube.

At this point in time with so much information on the web, I have nothing new to contribute, and quite frankly, others can explain topics such as solving a Rubiks cube, much better then me.

I’ve tried teaching my girlfriend, and many ex’s, along with friends, and all except one have been failures (granted, the successful person was smart)

That may be true, but I do believe browser’s 3D and canvas are not yet exhausted means to illustrate Rubik’s cube wonder, is it?

It would actually make a pretty good web dev topic, these days.

What types of topic we can discuss in the “General Discussion” forum? Would you please mention it?

Any type of topic is welcome except for political and religious discussions which are not allowed in the forums.

Personally, I hate threads like “your favourite…” but even those are accepted if you explain the reasons.

As an example, saying “my favourite song is the_name_of_song_here” is not good. Much better is saying “my favourite song is the_name_of_song_here because it was the song that I litsened when I was doing this and that and reminds me of…” or “because I love the sound of this and that instrument”, etc.

In summary, expand a bit.

Thank you molona, for you nice formal instruction. I try to my best to follow your instruction.

Hello guys! Why you are so strict???) I think there should be different kind of topics. And, we need to have as general as specific themes, threads as well!

We aren’t that serious. Basically, if the thread has any real substance, it’s perfectly accepted.

What we want to avoid is people making super vague one line statements in an attempt to simply raise their post count.

We want members to contribute. =)

I completely agree with you , we should post some real things , so that our post will be of great help for others , fake post is disgusting at some point , so i request everyone to put up true facts and figures.