Guidance Needed

Guidance Needed.,

I have an input box that’s 200px long in a php form. There’s no room in the form, to make the input box bigger. Long input in difficult to edit in this small box so I use a word processor to edit long input when I need to.

Is there some way to use JS (or some other approach) to trigger a pop-up that’s large enough for easier editing that might even include a spell checker?

If so, how should I begin to think about making this improvement?

I don´t understand very well what you need, can you post the code you have at the moment or a link to the form?

i would add an onclick trigger to the textfield and send it to a function that uses some sort of shadowbox, etc and then return the info to the original field

maybe another option would be to float the textfield and onclick enlarge the textbox overtop of the form by requesting and changing the height/width property and then changing it back on some other event

You can definitely achieve that with onfocus and do some javascript function to change the CSS rules applied but don´t know what you have so there is no way for me to give you a sample

yeah that makes more sense using onfocus
i’m assuming onfocus returns a boolean, if not you can create one for it
something like…

    this.getElementById("textfield").width = 500px;
    this.getElementById("textfield").height = 500px;
                    this.getElementById("textfield").width = **original**
                    this.getElementById("textfield").height = **original**