GUI that SSH's through a bastion host

Is there any way to set up a GUI editor to ssh through a bastion host.
I currently use Coda/Transmit but I recently got a project that requires me to channel through a host via SSH. The only way for me to edit any files is through VI (ARGHH!).
Is there a way to set this up or am I stuck in the VI world and have to knuckle down and learn to edit in that scary world??

I forward vnc over ssh often, assuming your remote machine has a gui.

Another option is to use sshfs and mount the remote filesystem, then use your local editor. If you have linux, that is.

I’m on a Mac and have an embarrassing dependence on GUI’s :goof:

sshfs is a linux program that allows you to mount a remote filesystem over ssh, and then you can work on remote files as if they were on your own computer. I’ve never used a Mac, I have no idea if there is anything similar for the mac os.