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How many of you do profile posting & guest posting ? Follow to increase your link & rank in Google.

I personally never post (guest or not) if I don’t have anything interesting to say. Posting for the shake of posting is useless. Thousand of people are going to post if it is just to have their web address exposed. The rank Google gives to those links (like those in the forum) is nill… so where can it be interesting (marketing-wise)? When you really have something to say… a good question, a good comment, a more detailed explanation than the one written in the article… the interest is the people that may click the link just to know more about the person that posted such a good comment!

Still, the increase in traffic you may get in this is also small that’s why I use the interent to read things that will help me in my learning, or with my hobbies and post when I really need to post.

I used to do guest posting like article submission and press release,it really works and maintain ranking in Google for a while,we can to submit one article submission for single keyword and more over you can submit hyper links on author area ,don’t repeat the same links while you concentrate the important keyword.

In regards to your question, personally I don’t post that often because a lot of the blog topics and forum threads that are created are not a topic in which I can provide a lot of helpful advise or is something that I specialize. Once in a while I will find a topic that I feel I can speak of intelligently because it is something I know about and can provide some helpful advice, opinion or thoughts to the respective community. Everyday that goes by though I read more and learn more and henceforth…provide more.
For example I have been a member of this forum for 3 years and I only have 8 posts!

I don’t have that much time write so weekly I write one blogpost for targeted blog to get traffic from those blogs and I am seeing good improvement in ranking as well because I write on topic and link my website home page no anchor text linking.

Yes, I do guest posting, but not on regular basis. It really helps in increasing your links.

Guest Posting in relevant niche is really tough to do. Most of the webmasters do not allow us to do guest posting in their website or blog. I started to do guest blogging for last 4 months. But I got accepted only in 3 websites(related niche).

For my experience, Guest Posting is really helpful to get relevant back links as well as to attain good SERP, but it is highly time consuming work and tough to get approval from blog owners.

Guest posting is a buzz word these days. It can be beneficial however one need to write unique article to get it posted and approved by blog owners. I am working on it , writing and posting 2 articles a week.


Molona has some good points. If you are doing forum commenting or blog commenting, make sure you are positioning yourself as a thought leader and offering helpful or insight advice. If you post things that are irrelevant, not useful, or spammy, it won’t help your marketing efforts. If on the other hand you are consistently helpful and contributing to a conversation in a valuable way, people will want to learn more about you.

Here are some other tips for you,



Guest posting is not there to increase the link count, instead it is an extremely valuable component required for your overall content marketing SEO program.It is beneficial only maintain it with quality content.

Just don’t try it here… links are no follow and we don’t accept affiliate links… we do appreciate intelligent and helpful posting though… The result is that when someone is curious then (s)he may click your signature and therefore increase your traffic (just a little tiny bit so people, please, don’t get excited… it helps but you shouldn’t consume your life with posting everywhere).

And of course, if someone clicks your link and see really interesting content… well, you may have found a visitor that will come over and over… depending on how well you handle your site and updates

I allow guest posts on my blog but never posted for some one else. Guest posts are really good to get strong backlinks

Sorry if this raised a red flag. Honestly its some arbitrary website I found with tips on it and I am not associated with it.



Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you were associated with that site. I guess I was indirectly pointing out that each forum has its own rules and not everything that the article says may apply.

An as an example, this forum. Posting an affiliate link anywhere (signature or post) will lead to moderation. Under the rules of this forum, you can’t do that.

I’ve not do guest posting yet because I don’t know much about that but I’ll do guest posting of mine websites soon…So i can achieve good rank & authority on Google…

In that i followed Profile Linking. Profile linking is one of the best technique in Off-page technique. By this we can promote our business into internet marketing, which leads to increase our business revenue.

No problem and duly noted. I will be more careful in suggesting outside resources for members.



Guest posting isn’t a great way to get links unless you manage to guest post on established websites. I tried guest posting and almost all of the sites/blogs that wanted someone to write for them where newbies who after 3-6 months shut down their websites and backlinks where gone.

If you plan out your approach, even the most notable blogs in your industry will be willing to accept free content. Depending on the situation, you may be best off starting the conversation about something else, and make the guest post their idea.

Just remember that if you act like you are doing it to help them get content you will have much more success than if you act like you are doing it for you to get a link. That part will be understood and should be stated, but not overemphasized.


I am doing Guest post because Now a days Guest posting is the best offpage optimization techniques to get good back link.