Guest Post

how to guest post on someones site?? what are the criteria and conditions for guest post.

I’d say the first condition is that the owner of the site wants guest posts :smiley:

There is two types of guest post .

  1. One way - (you post your article in any guest posting site, only)
  2. Two way - (Link exchange)

No actual criteria you need. First search some guest posting site. If its one way, then post your article only. If this site’s criteria is two way, then site admin also post his/her article on your site. That’s all.
Very easy. :bouncy::queen::love::smash::angel6::daisy::flippy:

hi all
Can you please provide some guest posting sites…
I really need it please …

I think you need to ask permission from the site owner…

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i want guest post.
can u do it ??

I am also looking for guest posting sites and want to know in detail about guest posting. So is there anyone who can tell me in detail about guest posting.

Did you read huntsman’s post (#3) ?
If you did, please tell us what isn’t clear, what else you’d like to know.

I’m interested… what are you guys hoping to achieve by this ‘guest posting’? Are you hoping to get your writing known or do you have (somewhat misguided) SEO motives?