GTMetrix - Super Small, Optimized Images Are Render Blocking Big Time. How Do I Fix This?

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I have a logo image scroller on my homepage (Divi Essentials Logo Scroller) and the images I’m using for the logos in many cases are 5k - 50kb max. I’m using image compression, CSS modification, caching, CDN, GZIP, image deferring, and pretty much everything my hosting company and I could think of, but these images are still showing up as HUGE render-blocking issues in my GTMetrix Waterfall chart.

GTMetrix Report:

Do you know how I can fix this or what’s causing the issue? Thank you in advance!

Our Website:

Though they are not large, I suppose the problem is the number of them.
It a fairly old method, but have you considered using sprites for the logos to cut down the number of requests?
Perhaps a more modern way of doing the same would be to have all logos as SVG in a single file of <defs> then call each pre-defined ‘sprite’ where needed.

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So the odd thing is, I removed all of the logos and now I only have just over a dozen images, all compressed, all well within (many under) the recommended size limit, yet it’s taking nearly 3.9 seconds of “waiting” or “blocking” to load them.

I have other image-heavy websites (some even on the same server), but none seem to have this excessive latency.

Am I missing something on this one?

What does take the time? The loading or the rendering?

It is in plain text here. IMO it is not images that is the problem.There are a numerous dependencies that also are blocking:

I wonder if the JavaScript animation of the particles canvas is causing the trouble.

Thanks, all! I tried to figure out the best way to do this manually and finally just installed the LightSpeed plugin. That seemed to correct everything that was causing issues for page speed (an understatement, it made my score go from a D to an A :exploding_head:)

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