GT Metrix Issue

I have a GT Metrix score of 95% (page load) and 84% (yslow). My GET requests are well below average and total page size too, however my site loads at 4 seconds. If I look at the waterfall chart shows there is a 1.6s receiving time but I have no idea what is causing this? Can anyone help?

Thank you for looking

Hi matt189, Welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think if you remove the totally-of-no-use-for-the-visitor preloaders covering all content, visitors wouldn’t be annoyed by an extra second loading time. :slightly_smiling_face:

The use of absolute position on the menu and hiding the wrapper overflow makes any overflowed menu part inaccessible even when Javascript are loaded ok.

I didn’t look into the loading time. Sorry, I went off topic. :wink:

Hey Erik_J,

Thanks for the reply and your feedback. It is a WordPress theme which slows my site down even more if I remove the preloader. But I take your point that it could be annoying for users. If I could find a way to reduce the the load time I would remove it totally.

Thanks for your help

At least you could remove the preloader display, test this (preferably in a child theme to make it permanent):

.p-preloader > * {
    display: none !important;

And I’m not sure removing the preloader script would cause the loading to slow down even more. If there isn’t another script waiting for it to end?

Yeah it seems to knock my Yslow score down for some reason. But I think your right, I am just going to delete the preloader. At least the users get to see content while it finishes loading. Thanks mate!


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