Grey border around background-image in Chrome

Hello guys,

Could you please help me to remove this background border from an image?
Sample is here

It seems as Chrome-specific issue, at least in IE it works fine.

Btw, it is a similar issue as:


Hi, magicmanam, welcome to the forums!

Do you have a link to the image if it’s available online?

In the thread you mentioned the border disappeared on hover, does that happen in your case too?

Edit) I see you had posted a link already. Sorry. :smile:

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Thank you! Great forum, quick replies :blush:

My ‘border’ is not disappeared on hover.

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Then I think it’s the img tag that induces the border.

Could you test to just remove the img part of the selector for that rule-block?

Edit) Like:

#content /*img*/ {
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You saved my days )

Yes, it works now! So, I removed img-tag from html and just have a background-image for outer div via css.

Many thanks for such quick replies, Erik_J!


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