Green? Web Hosts

Hi folks!

I’m looking for a new web host for my client. I would LOVE to go with a host that uses 100% green energy (NOT buying ‘credits’ to pay for their carbon footprint). However, I’m finding it difficult to verify if a company that claims its ‘green’ really IS green.

Anyone have experience with a KNOWN green-energy based web host?

The other trouble I’m running into is that the hosts that I do find are low in features/space.

My specifics are: Secure FTP, Dedicated IP, The company is their own host (meaning they control their servers), ability to add my own PHP scripts, alter the .htaccess and have full control over PHP settings (if I need mod-write on, I want to be able to have it on!).

I also currently need MySql databases. Preferably w/out limits. I will be creating a site that has its own forum (fan base of 20,000) and have photo albums which all use databases.

I appreciate any direction you all may point me towards! Thanks kindly!

I’m looking for a new web host for my client. I would LOVE to go with a host that uses 100% green energy (NOT buying ‘credits’ to pay for their carbon footprint). However, I’m finding it difficult to verify if a company that claims its ‘green’ really IS green.

Hmmm. I suppose in this situation you need to have your data center visited and check personally or take it easy and trust your provider.

In any case you need to know and understand what is more important for you: your web host to be green or your server have 100% uptime.

There are so many green web hosting providers exist in this world. But, everybody displayed as they are using renewable energy like wind energy for running their servers in each of their official website. But, I don’t think that they are really do offer hosting services using green energy. The only way to confirm it to visit the data center personally. Otherwise, you cannot be sure that they are really using green energy.
As SiberForum said, its all up to you to give importance for server uptime or green or both. But, i can recommend Hostgator for uptime, but i’m not sure that they are really using green energy, because i’ve not visited their data centers yet. Thanks.

As far as I know, is one of the few credible truly “green” powered hosts, but I have no experience with them.

Any such hosting will be filling a niche. Green/clean energy is not cheap, and energy consumption is a major cost for hosts. So, both from a marketing, and from an economical point of view, such hosts are bound to be relatively expensive.

Keep in mind that a lot of the marketing associated with “green” hosting is really just hype. Green is more than where the energy is purchased and includes business practices, energy conservation techniques and much more.

That said, when you really get down to it some of the bigger providers such as Google, Amazon, are in fact much greener than the green hosts you find all over. Not only do they often strive to purchase green energy as it can affect their bottom line, but they are also often the most interested in making sure their data centers are the most green using energy saving technologies etc.

Running a data center uses a lot of electricity, etc. While some companies are more “environmentally friendly” than others I doubt that you will find the truly 100% green hosting provider that you are looking for.

Thanks guys.

I guess I was hoping that someone knew a green host whereas their claim was actually verified by other reports, etc.

The only one that seemed 100% ligit (via my research) was I talked with them on the phone and they were great, actually. But I’m concerned that I may use more bandwidth than they allow in their packages (unsure as to forum/app use for a 20K fan base) and they don’t allow sFTP (which I want).

I’ve found these others: (which uses facilities but runs their own servers per their phone rep yet whois reports show as their host) (now this one I couldn’t get ahold of ANYONE- their ‘live’ chat was unavailable, their phones were unavailable and this was all during 11:00am PST) To me no access to a person = no desire to go with that company. Their talk is good on their website tho.

The next group claim to use 100% green energy but what they actually do is buy green credits instead to offset their usages:
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Those were all I could find. Any thoughts on these hosts? Esp. when I’m unsure as to how much bandwidth a 20K user base will create with forum and app usages.

With 20K users (I’m assuming that’s per day). You will definitely want to avoid shared hosting unless your site is entirely static.

That said, as a treehugger myself I’m abandoning my “green” host for Amazon AWS. After looking at the big picture Amazon has a lot of plans to reduce their costs via energy efficiency, system design, etc. IMO this is more important that a host using other’s or off-the-shelf hardware and using only a single metric (where they buy their power) to substantiate their green claims.

Hi Chris,

I’m not familiar with Amazon offering web hosting but I will look into it.

Also, I have no idea if I will get 20K users using the site at the same time but that’s how many are in our mailing list. I also know my client cannot afford a VPS option as $15 a month is probably the most I can go in price.

Reading webhosts that I listed, the reads like they do commit to all aspects of green but lack of customer service is my issue with them. I think if I had been able to get ahold of a person there and they provided decent service/intelligence in replies to my questions, I would have listed them first in my list of host suggestions for my client.


Thanks again!

I think if your budget is limited that’s going to be the no-go right there.

Unfortunately economics at present favors non-green and if you want something that is truly green (not just buzz-word lip service) you’re going to need to pay for it.

Or compromise and get the best you can.

Faeree, Amazon does offer even free hosting for one year but you need to manage it and may be it can be a bit difficult for you. Though, there are many free images there as well.

From my experience, these “green” hosts are gimmicky. They don’t do anything other than take extra “green” aka money from you.

Go online, provoke paperless - also consider “Go Green”. Go Green/Green has been the trend of publicity term. Whether or not it is really Green, we do not know?

Is Green more important or the hosting stability more important? I think reliable hosting company is more important.

To have greater hosting features, shared hosting might not your choice. In fact, there is no “UNLIMITED” feature for hosting. The server limit is Unlimited’s limitation.

Start from the beginning, you can upgrade the hosting at anytime.