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To help organize the vast amounts of information found in the Graphics and Multimedia forum, the Design Team at Sitepoint has posted all of the previously stickied threads here. Hopefully this will help people find the information they need a little faster, and you all won’t have to scroll so much to get to the current threads ;). Without further ado, here we go:

[thread=119821]Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro Tips & Tricks[/thread]
[thread=128563]Best Tutorials[/thread]
[thread=55129]Free Stock Photography Websites[/thread]
[thread=58308]Definitive List of Worthwhile Font Sites[/thread]
[thread=54717]SitePoint Forums’ Graphic Resources[/thread]
And just added…
[thread=131048]Sitepoint’s List of Graphic Methods and Tutorials[/thread]
[thread=153996]Design Elements and Principles[/thread]
[post=1209998]Icon Inspiration[/post]
Have fun!

And since the “what font is this?” question comes up a lot, people should also check out What the Font.

Here is an excellent site for image tutorials and designs.

I founded this site and sold a few months ago :slight_smile:

Since this questions comes up every now and then, I thought I’d post a link to a valuable thread about how to identify fonts:

How to know the name of a graphic font?

That’s too cluttered!

Here’s the list of [B]free graphic programs[/B]: GIMP, Maya personal, Blender 3D, IrfanView image converter, free templates and such.

^ I’ve also listed some free graphic programs in this post - here:

Image viewers:
Xn View
Irfan View

Graphic editors (raster):
GimpShop (Gimp with Photoshop-like GUI)
Krita (part of KDE KOffice)
PhotoPlus 6
GraphicsGale (with animation)

Graphic editors (vector):
Karbon14 (part of KDE KOffice)


Font editors:

Font browsers/viewers:
Font Xplorer Lite
Adobe Type Manager Light
FontExplorerX (Mac only)


I was wondering if there are any GIMP tutorials? or are the Photoshop tutorials close enough?

psd tuts and the related family of sites have the best overall quality of tutorials… tutsplus

The thread contains all information regarding graphics software.It is informative als.Thanks for the post

i think very best site for graphic tutorials

Hey, Im new here, and the thread is telling me it’s 51 months old ,but its still the top of the list, so i figured id add anyways. is an amazing place to go with photoshop questions. If you have flash, illustrator, or basically any other concerns, there are links at the top of the page to places live (illustrator) and so on. Great resource to have.

Hope this helps - adobe flash tutorials and [URL=“”]flash web page design tutorials - Cheers

Thank you freinds to share this useful information.
I like most…
best site for graphic tutorials

Need more tutorial?

search in google “clipping path tutorial” and you will get some awesome tutorial.

Some sites for Photoshop Tutorials
Pixel 2 Life
And lets not forget mine -cough-
eSeM Design

For those of us who use Paint Shop Pro, there is this site: PSPOnline
Another one is here: Free Paint Shop Pro 7 8 9 X XI X2 Photo tutorials She has about 300 and growing everyday.

Here is an creativ site for image, designs, font size eat.