Graphic Design and Web Design

I am very confuse about a relationship between graphic design and web design. I mean
What is the main relationship between graphic design and web design?
can anybody help me?

You create graphics and you put them on a website. As far as I know this is the only link. Web design involves other things like coding and cross browser checking etc, where as graphics design covers both print and web, depending on it being an RGB or CMYK image, but graphics design does not cover coding. Saying this a graphics designer could design you a website, but he won’t be able to code it or make it work on the web. A web designer could design and code the site. Hope this helps.

I think web design has a broader meaning than graphic design.[URL=“”]

Graphic design is purely the graphic/image itself. Web design is using markup, CSS, and images to create a web page.

Web Design always goes beyond technique; graphic design is an art. Your website is often the first impression customers see of your company, many aspects must be considered in order to develop a professional, impressive and intuitive site.

:mad: Well, To Design a website Layout or Web Design, you need different Graphic Designs done, :wink: like- Illustrated Buttons, icons, Banners, Page design layout, Background image design, Typography, Flash banner/Header. So, there is a relation between them.

Graphic design is basically creating something using such elements as words, icons, symbols or images to visually communicate a message or meaning to users.
Web Design can involve many things, but basically sums up creating a website from beginning to end, including the very first idea/concept up until full completion and even marketing.
The relationship between the two is that Web Design is a form of Graphic Design in itself and usually includes multiple elements of Graphic Design.

web design, involve graphic design, if you are doing web design you need a graphic skills to perform the process of web design, like layout creating graphic vectors etc. to make the website look good, and the last thing is the coding (html/css),.

Web Design does share some traits that are found in Graphic Design, but that’s because Graphic Design is a subset of Web Design. Some of the shared topics include typography, color theory, visual grammar (geometry, meaning and impact of shapes, balance, etc.), logos, branding, identity, iconography, symbols, and visual communication (communicating ideas and concepts from a client to an audience). I have not included grids because they are too different in print than they are for the web. It’s vital that you do understand grid systems, but grid systems for physical layouts (such as books, physical canvases, and other prints) cannot be translated 1:1 to the web because a website’s structure and reading mechanisms are significantly different. You spread information in a magazine or book on a fixed canvas from left to right, or right to left. You are limited to visually display content in a small, fixed layout, whereas on the web the information is spread in a “tree” format with an entirely different content hierarchy and flexible dimensions.

There are other differences in execution. When you create a magazine, you’ll work with color theory, symbols, typography, visual grammar, and visual communication. You can’t apply what you’ve done for the magazine to the web, however. A magazine has a much more clearly defined audience culturally, socially, and in terms of language, therefore it’s easier to define color scheme, symbols, visual grammar, and format.

In Japan, to name an example, black stands for nobility and experience whereas in most Western parts of the world black stands for grief, death, and darkness. That’s something you need to take into account when working with colors for the web because, unless a website is in Japanese rather than in English, your audience will be highly international, depending on topic, obviously. That wouldn’t be much of a concern if you designed the same piece in Japan for a Japanese audience.

The same logic applies to almost all topics that these two professions share. The fundamentals are the same, but how you apply these differ quite a lot.

But Web Design is a lot more than that. You would need to learn the basic languages and be able to write in the languages (without IDE assistance) used for front-end designing such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript. And you’ll need to know how to design an accessible site, a usable site, device dependent sites, a site that uses assistive technologies. Image optimization is a huge factor. You’ll want to learn how to best optimize images for the web. And you’d want to understand Social Media. You’ll need to know how to use them and how to implement them. You’d also want to know about video and audio for the web, rudimentary marketing skills are part of the profession as well. (Some say, you’ll also need to know about Content Strategy and writing copy, though many of the more established design firms hire a content writer separately)

These days that isn’t enough, however, if you want to be employable. You’ll also need to know the basics of popular frameworks such as jQuery (Javascript Library), or popular CMS applications like WordPress, you’ll need to understand the very basics of PHP, you’ll need to have rudimentary skills in using tools such as Photoshop/Gimp, FireWorks/Illustrator, unless you work for yourself and don’t need these tools, but most employers will ask that you know your way around them.

graphic and web designing are two different things. web designer will have to come up with a creative idea and will work on executing his ideas on a web page. and graphic designing takes the help from technology and art.

To Over Simplify (and please correct me if I’m wrong)
Graphic = Looks
Web = Brains

I think the simple difference between web design and graphics design is- Graphics designer focus on the layout, visual appearance, color combination, image formation, where as web designer have to good in graphics but also they should have good knowledge of scripting language, css and xml.

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To Over Simplify (and please correct me if I’m wrong)
Graphic = Looks
Web = Brains

I have a few graphic designer friends. They somehow thought graphics and web design was the same, and many even thought they could do a website.

Sure; like when someone “makes a website” in Photoshop. It isn’t just a picture online. Another way to put it simply would be that Graphics are more creative and website design is more scientific. I’ll look for an info-graphic and put it up if I can find one.

I actually thought about this quite a bit.

A graphics designer could potentially create a website from a series of static images and using dreaded DW, functioning mainly through image maps, but as some point you’d need an online submit form. But at some point you’d need more technical knowledge and from that point on you’d be escaping a designers realm and entering the technical (less artistic) side of things.

Graphic Design would focus on how to design graphically pleasing layouts. Web Design would require many of the skills of a good graphic designer but also, you’d need to learn how to write web pages. For web design you have to learn HTML/PHP/CSS language. But no need for Graphic Design.

A lot of people (especially clients), seem to be confused about this. First thing that you have to keep in mind is that a graphic designer may be a web designer, but not necessarily. I , for one, have work in print design and art direction for nearly a decade and only made my first foray into web-graphic design( this distinction is important) about four years ago!

So let’s break it down:

Art Director: is concerned mainly with concept and message that the design conveys (brand, look & feel, continuity, congruency,etc). Same with designers, you can have print and web ADs… or both.
Graphic Designer: is concerned with look in terms of basic appearance and function ( appeal/ readability/plausibility). SHOULD BE concerned with flexibility, tho many skimp on this.
Web Designer: incorporates the Graphic Design into a coded site. Is concerned with clean mark up and presentational code (CSS), accessibility, cross browser compatibility, load time, ease of maintenance. They may dabble in UX with FLASH or javascript.
Web Developer: HARD CORE CODERS, preferably… we are talking functionality and back end. Databases, servers, PHP, ASP , javasript, libraries to name a few.
Web Master: Really I think this was a made up term… but I always like to say it means management. CONTENT maintenance, up time, traffic and analytic, maybe some SEO.

Hope that helps.

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Many would argue that there is an extra step in there - front-end web developer (with the web developer you listed being a back-end developer), who is solely concerned with coding the website design provided from whichever flavour of designer they choose to call themselves, with some arguing that web designers do not need to know how to code well as they are designers, not developers. However, this three-member workflow generally occurs in large-scale projects at agencies with specialised staff. A freelance web designer, or one in a small company, isn’t going to get far without the skills of a front-end developer, hence the ambiguity.

Graphics designer focus on the layout, visual appearance, color combination, image formation, where as web designer have to good in graphics but also they should have good knowledge of scripting language, css and xml. If I am wrong than please suggest me what the right difference.