Graphic Copyright symbol

Hello, simple question really - i need to use a graphic copyright symbol on a design i’m doing, but i just can’t find it hidden within a font anywhere.

I’ve tried Webdings, Windings, etc… and found every symbol under the sun except the copyright one. Does anyone know where i can find it (i know its going to be a really simple answer, so apologises in advance).


You can use the code below in HTML to produce the symbol you want. Normally I just cut and paste the symbol I need from another source into Photoshop ect. There are keyboard combinations you can use for this but the exact one (or a list of them) escapes me. Of course the font you are using has to support this.


If you’re trying to get the copyright symbol directly in your graphics program, hold down the ALT key and type 02217 on the number keybad on the right side of your keyboard. The result will be © - but as glenplake said, only if the font supports that symbol.

I did need to get it directly into my graphics program - and your suggestion worked - thanks Sparkie (trying to put smilie face icon in, but it doesn’t want to play…)


The copyright symbol is an ascii character and should appear irrelevant of the font (If I remember correctly).

If you’re speaking of the smiley faces / emoticons from the forum - you can grab these by right clicking and “Save picture as”, or alternatively do a screen grab (Print screen button, then CTRL+V it into photoshop.)

If you want to know more ascii character symbols (TM, etc) just search for “ascii characters” in google.

It’s also a shape…:slight_smile:

Select Custom Shapes, then click on the Shape button on top, then the little arrow in the upper right and select Symbols. You’ll see the Registered, Copyright, Trademark, and other such symbols.

alt+0169 is another alternative :slight_smile:

And yeah it’s a shape as well in Adobe PS 7 and CS
You can hold down the ctrl key and click and drag to maintain the contraints. Additionally, if you hold down the alt key as well, it will draw the shape from the center

Option + G (for Mac users)

Use this site. It tells you how to use your keyboard for the © and lets you use images of copyright symbols that they have made if you need them like…fast! :smiley: