Graph api: allowed to publish Friend photo?

I have one question about policies. Let’s say I build application where users can buy their friends, even those friends who haven’t joined application.

-Is it allowed to publish this friend photo as the person who is owned by app user?
-Is it allowed to publish friend photo on user wall if I have permission from user, but not from friend? The example of wall post would be “Nick Piterson bought Lara White” (where Nick Piterson is a user of app and Lara White is not, but she is his friend).
-Is any legall way to publish any friend data if this friend haven’t joined application yet?

The policies states:
A user’s friends’ data can only be used in the context of the user’s experience on your application.

But what means in the context of the user’s experience. Could be that in my example wrote above?

Thank you!