Gradients in CSS3 drafts?

I know that for testing purposes, but not for actual implementation, one can use vendor-specific prefixes to fill background/background-color and color properties for any element.
For example this for webkit:
background:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0 0, 0 100%, from(#startColourHexCode), to(#endColourHexCode));

Or this for mozilla:
background:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #startColourHexCode, #endColourHexCode);

Why one does not use this vendor-specific prefixes is becuause they cause validation-errors because they are for testing pruposes only.

Also, CSS3 is still in draft by the W3C.

Does the W3C have any plans to make gradients in css3 themselves, so that it can work in all css3 supported browsers and be valid?

Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Team 1504

It’s really up to browser makers to implement this when they choose. Safari5, for example, has stopped using some vendor specific properties in favor of the CSS3 properties, like border-radius. All the w3c can do is propose this stuff, but it’s all a bit experimental at the moment, so the browser makers are testing it out while the specs are being finished.

There’s no reason not to use this stuff in production, though. Not passing ‘validation’ means little. Validation is there to tell you if you’ve made errors. It will say it doesn’t recognize the vendor properties, but you know they aren’t errors.