GQ Magazine Slideshow

I wan’t to create a slideshow on my wordpress blog that has the same functionality as GQ Magazine’s Slideshows seen here:

GQ Eats: The 10 Best New Restaurants in America: Alan Richman: GQ


The 25 Best Cocktail Bars in America: Restaurants + Bars: GQ

Specifically the capability to write a small amount of text (more then a caption) beside each individual slide and have a reader scroll through the slides.

What plug-in or code would be used to create the GQ slideshow, can anyone suggest a plug-in or solution?

Thank You

I would assume your first port of call would be the wordpress plugin directory. there seems to be a number of items there that should do what you want.:slight_smile:

One of these should be able to do the job:

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I have been considering:

Portfolio Slideshow Pro for WordPress - Raygun

Just trying to figure out if I can integrate a vertical text box to the right of the a picture for each slide (like the GQ Example above). Any insight on how this may be done?

I appreciate the respose

It can be done with CSS if you know how or with short codes. Many good themes like Woothemes, Elegant Themes and many themes at Theme Forest have short codes built in. There is also what looks like a good short code plugin at Codecanyon, although I have never used it.

Finally this search of the wordpress plugin may help: WordPress › Search for shortcodes « WordPress Plugins. Just make sure to look for a semi-popular, up-to-date plugin that has 4 or more stars.

Hope that helps - if not, please let me know - I’ll be able to write more tomorrow.

Thanks for your time Moshe,

I’ll have a look and let you know.