Got Something Cool To Share? Read These Guidelines

Here at the SitePoint forums we have an amazing pool of talent and we like to showcase your accomplishments - to provide you with a place where you can show off your talents and tell us how you achieved a goal or reached another milestone in your life. We want to give you a place to tell us about your new website or blog, the new app or plugin you have designed, new content you have written. We’d also like to hear about your new job promotion or acquisition or a project that you completed through work that shows us your talent and makes you proud. If you have something along those lines that you want to share, then this is the place to post it.

All threads submitted to this forum will be moderated by SitePoint staff and will be approved or not approved at staff discretion. Remember before you post that SitePoint has a no-spam, no-fluff tolerance. You may want to review the FAQs/rules on these before you post.

  1. You may not link to a for sale item in this thread. This forum isn’t for advertising your products or services.
  2. Describe your achievement in detail.

[INDENT] a. For instance: It isn’t enough to say “I got a promotion”. Tell us what your job was, what you did to earn the promotion, and what your new duties require of you.
b. For instance: It isn’t enough to say, “Here’s a link to my new website (app, design, template, etc.).” Describe what need it will fill, what gave you the idea for it, and what you did to create it. [/INDENT]

As an example, look at the first post in this forum, which is about a free app created by ParkinT.