Gopher Server

Yes GOPHER, port 70

I recently installed a gopher server (pygopherd) on my VPS… (http translation of gopher content)
Here is the actual gopher link… gopher:// (your browser must support the gopher protocol for this link to work)

I feel it’s very important to remember where we came from and while the WWW has the lions share of content and activity, gopher still exists and is ideally suited for delivery of text based content. It’s lightning fast and I’ve never seen an advertisment while using it.

Veronica2 (re-write of Veronica) search engine works well (see floodgap).

For nostalgia…
If you are familiar with the Archies comic strip
Archie was the name of the old FTP search engine (Archie was short for Archive).
In turn Veronica was developed as a central gopher search engine (Veronica, a character from Archie comics, so a play on Archie).
Jughead was also created as a local gopher server search engine (Jughead, a character from Archie comics, so another play on Archie and Veronica).

While interest in gopher is limited, I keep fighting the good fight, along with other gopher supporters. :slight_smile: