Google's New algorithm

Google first time has changes its algorithm by introducing Hummingbird.
Can anybody tell me about its major change? And How can we our site reach on the top of Google search engine?

Hi signal121booster, and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I suggest you do a quick internet search, which will give you all the information you could want. For example:

Be better than every other site in your niche. :slight_smile:

If you stop and think about it for a minute, you’ll realise there can’t be an easy answer to your second question. Suppose there were a magic formula that would guarantee you top place on Google. You’d use it, and I’d use it, and millions of other site owners would use it, and … oh, wait a minute, we can’t all be top of Google … :lol: So the only way is by hard work and building a great site with excellent content.

Even though Google mentioned the change as a new engine in old car, that means do not have much change the way sites are ranked, practiser’s have seen some sort of change in their CTR’s and ranking and all…experts comment that Google shifts focus to questions / long tail keyword / semantic based search too meet their growing demand from mobile based platforms…where people have no time to type…so they introduced voice based search…they believe that voice search will overtake the traditional keying in word search…

Which does not make any difference for the search results though.

This is not so simple to rank your site on top of Google page. There is too much competition and Google is updating its algo very frequently. Google is trying to give best result which are not affected or influenced by SEO. If your site is following Google’s guidelines and full of rich content and not any brand competitor then it may got top rank in Google.

In fact it will not have a impact on results but it will definitely change the nature or structure of search query which in turn will change the entire SERP…for example a person using a laptop to search may input only few words for search that is the reason why we have been doing keyword based optimization all these days…when the same user uses voice search he / she use a long sentence or string or a question …in fact the SERP will be for a long tail keyword or question… research shows that it takes 20 seconds for a user to type in same search query what they use in voice search…