Google's backlink list

I’ve been looking at Google’s backlink list in webmaster tools for a site I did for a client and some of the links have a statement under it ‘via this intermediate link’ followed by the client’s website’s url.

There are no links to the target site on my client’s pages and no link to my client on the target’s pages. Can anyone explain to me what this statement means?

It’s basically just Google showing you where the link is coming from when a redirect is involved.

Anyway, here’s how Google explains it…

Links to your site now shows when a particular URL redirects. If there’s a link to your site that links to URL1 which then redirects to URL2, we are now showing the link from URL1 to URL2 as an intermediate link. We also added a “Download all links” option to all the tables in the Links to your site feature.

So does that mean that someone on the incoming website has set up a redirect to my client’s website. The page on the other site actually displays a competitor’s website.
If this is the case is there a way to stop/block/remove this redirect?

Really? Can you PM me the web addresses in question and I’ll have a look what’s going on.