Google's 200 factors for Keyword Ranking

Hi All,
As most of us have heard that google considers 200 factors for keyword ranking. Here listed the factors that i know .

  1. Domain Name
  2. Page load time
  3. Domain Authority or Age
  4. Page Rank
  5. Title Tags
  6. Meta Description
  7. Meta Keywords
  8. Image Alt tags
  9. Broken Links
  10. Internal Linking
  11. Navigation
  12. URL Structure
  13. Keyword popularity from backlinks (Anchor Text)
  14. Social Media Optimization
  15. Social Network participation

Please share what are all the factors you know, so that it could be sorted out. I hope this thread will get the list of google’s 200 factors… Thank you all…

Seeing this somethings are comes in my mind, so i thought sharing with you few more points.please check below

Keyword use in Title Tag
Keyword use in Domain Name
Keyword in URL
Keyword in Domain name
Keyword in Keyword metatag
Keyword density in body text
Keyword use in Anchor Tags
Keyword use in Body Text
Keyword use in Page URL
Keyword use in H1 Tags
Keyword use in H2, H3…H6 Tags
Keyword use in Images Alt and Title Attributes
Keyword use in Description Meta Tag
Keyword use in Bold/Strong Tags
Keyword use in Keywords Meta Tag
Efficient - tree-like structure
Intra-site linking
Total incoming links
High PR back-links
traffic for the website
URL length

And more…

As Google does not reveal exactly which factors it takes into account in ranking a site, or how many of them there are, all this is just speculation. The most important aspect of a site is its content - which, strangely, seems to be missing from your lists.