Google & yahoo onpage SEO statergy


What are the main onpage SEO statergy of GOOGLE , YAHOO & BING.


On Page strategy? just focus on the relevant keywords you want to put a link in, Like our online poker which your target keyword is online poker and not our online poker to help you get found in several search engines.

On page includes:

  1. Meta Tags.
  2. Keywords in URL.
  3. h1, h2,…
  4. Alt tag in images.
  5. Internal links with anchor tags, etc.

In my opinion google & Bing search engines spider won’t index meta keywords tag but yahoo will index that meta keywords tags. So you need to concentrate on meta tags must.

On page strategy is update your site content as it is said that content is the king…And work on your meta tags…

pay attention to your content…and then promote your site to increase the invisibility rate.

saying all of that if your in a very competitive eviroment like say London Property this will play a very small part of the serps and with Google as we have found out its all about links (quality) and anchor text

Keyword rich (but not saturated) content, informative and well written content, keyword rich meta tags, meta tags on photos

try to read google webmaster guidelines… google have a good input about on page factors that also works on other search engines…