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Google’s webmasters tools reports that zero pages have been indexed from my site, although there are no errors but when i type site:mysite in google search it show some 30 pages. Why does it say zero indexed in webmaster tools? website is

You will need to place a 301 redirect in the .htaccess file in order to solve this issue! Google considers domains that starts with www, without www as different domains! Ex: htttp://, And the reason you are not shown any results in the webmaster tools is because you had placed the URL that starts with www! So redirect to the preferred one! All the best:)

It only show results for and no result for . Although in analytics i have used the site with www and it shows me traffic stats right. Why no result for site:www ?

I see no pages indexed in Google!

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I’m thinking that the most likely reason for this is that you have been affected by something Google does called the “sandbox” every new site is put in the sandbox and there is then up to a 6 month waiting period for your site to rank in Google. (I noticed that your site was created on the 21-04-2010 this is why I have made this analysis seeming its been less than a month since your site has been up, all you can do is be patient.)

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'The Sandbox (a.k.a. Sandboxing or the sandbox effect or the Google penalty) is a name given to an observation about the way Google ranks web pages in its index. It is the subject of much debate its existence has been written about but not confirmed and several observers state that they have observed the contrary.

According to the sandbox effect, Google temporarily reduces the page rank of new domains, placing them into what is referred to as its “sandbox”, in an effort to counter the ways that search engine optimizers attempt to manipulate Google’s page ranking by creating lots of inbound links to a new web site from other web sites that they own.’

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