Google Webmaster Tools Updated - Fetch as Google and as mobile

Fetch as Google now has quite a few additional options.

The ones I like is the “Mobile Smartphone” and “Fetch and Render”.

Is there any other additions that I missed?

Is there any other additions that I missed?

I don’t think so. At least, Google didn’t mention anything else in their recent blog post.

I must say that the “Fetch and Render” is a very useful feature. For the first time, you can see exactly how Google interprets Javascript-generated content. This could make a significant difference in how it indexes certain pages.


Just tried another site and “Partial” was returned for the following Google Search image:

The message was “type=image Denied by robots.txt”.

First I renamed robots.txt and it had no effect. I then saved and called the offending gif on the server and the message disappeared :slight_smile: