Google Webmaster Tools says 44 pages indexed; Google says 16,300

Can anyone explain the discrepancy between these two?

from Google Webmasters:

from Google:

Thank you.

Did you browse through the results? Not all of them will be from your own website. Similar spellings to your site, anytime you’ve linked to it on other websites etc…all will be there.

Yes; they’re mine. I have a lot of pages.

Google currently shows about 22k pages for, so it looks like your site is still being indexed.

44 seems very low for your site. Is it possible that Webmaster Tools is set up for but that you don’t actually use the www subdomain?

No, I created a redirect to remove the www. upon the site’s inception. There is no URL with www.

The site is also pretty new—just launched a couple weeks ago. I waited for the index number to update in Webmaster Tools (it does so once a week), but the new number still said 44. Hmm.

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