Google Webmaster Tool : Verify your site first?


I’m in big dilemma. My site has around 130 to 180 broken links which I’d fixed by giving redirect to it on my homepage. Then after my broken links began to decline and now it is 0.

I rarely checked my webmaster tool account. Just today only when I login in my account i found that google says that I need to verify my site they are displaying “We’ve detected that your 404 (file not found) error page returns a status of 200 (Success) in the header.”

And after that I’d created a new sitemap and uploaded the same but when I checked online to know whether it is working fine or not it is returning to the homepage.

I dont know what is happening may be it not getting that sitemap code page or Should i remove that redirect? I have tried so many times but it is repeating the same problem.

Anybody here please help me as to what would be the exact error?

You are right.

SOme time it happend because of you didn’t have robots.txt file over their and you have configured error page too…
I have faced the same problem with one of my site then come to know about it…
So upload a robots.txt…

then google can’t verify the site with the file upload but here meta tag works

Google webmaster procedure is as follows.

  1. Create a sitemap in xml format.
  2. Upload it into the root folder of your website.
  3. Login to webmaster tools and click on “verify your site”. It will give you with 2 options as meta tag & page.
  4. Take that meta tag and place it in your home page meta tags section.
  5. Now upload your home page.
  6. Again go to webmaster tools and click on verify your site. Now it will check for that meta tag & verifies your site.

HI simoncalvinm,

What you have provided is the step by step process of google webmaster tool which i’d done already. I want to know after login today y its displaying that i shud verify my site which I’d verfied before only.

Thanks for this procedure. I will do it for my site. :slight_smile:

Bit of a mixed bag here, but I’ll do my best.

As a web designer, you probably shouldn’t redirect 404’s to your home page. What you should do is build a custom 404 page which will explain there’s been an error, and here’s something to search for instead.

However, what I suspect is happening here, why you cannot verify your site, is you can’t upload a blank HTML page to the document root (the google15456456456.html). Have you tried the META tag verification process?

Do that first, then if the sitemap doesn’t work, we’ll go from there.

Thanks rhysboy84,

Well I’ve tried the second option of Adding the code in hompage and now its working fine. BTW, what if had to try the first options? My question is due to redirect on my homepage it hurts my site?

Well, it won’t hurt your site per se in the search engine, but (and this is just my opinion) a well formed 404 with search box/related items will be more useful to your visitors than a redirected page.

But if you have a 404 redirection, you can’t verify your site with a file with Google Webmaster Tools. Because it can’t detect if the file is there or not (if the file isn’t there, a page is still served, the website’s home page).

I’m not sure what’s going on, but you could try this free broken link checker


Sitemap can be an important factor. After verifying the site you better start your site map creating in the meantime so that the search engine can index your pages. Don’t forget about backlinks and submission to different directories. Thanks goes to simoncalvin for the nice solution.

One mistake to watch out for that I made with my custom error page is that I didn’t respond with a 404 so google couldn’t go ahead and check for the validation page. I assume they want a 404 error because there might be some way around this method of validation without it.

You can also create sitemap in a sitemap.xml.gz format. It save server resources for SE and you.

hi. i dont understand when i using tool GS sitemap.
it runing when 4000 links it alway warming …
i cant create sitemap. my site more links.


Xml sitemap generator has its limit. Break it into different sitemaps.

about the 200 response from your 404 page, all you have to do is add a 404 error header to the 404 page. Not rocket science.

I agree with busylinks1, because me too faced the same problem. I cant recover that for long period so i closed that site. Its better you come out from that site and try with the related site. Or you seperate XML sitemap into different sitemaps.

Hello ,

I think you have to not redirect that all URl to home page rather then redirect them on their related pages and wait for some time to get update google webmaster tool because they are not changing run time.

First you must create sitemap and submit it.