Google webmaster showing Verification error if already placed html tag?

i have a website which is related to forum community but when i am going to submit this in website either by html tag method or by uploading html file to ftp . in both cases i am getting the error message . your website is not verified

Note: i have installed PHPBB script for this forum but i have already clear the cache after placing the html tag but still not finding any way to verify. the same verification problem is happing with my another website which is service based site installed word press on it.

Both the webiste i have booked from godaddy . is there is problem occuring from domain providers side or not…

this is unique thing i am getting. i have used other alternative methods in website to verify the website but still not waiting for OK verification message.

HELPPPPP !!! :injured::frowning:

When you uploaded Google’s verification file to your server, did you then follow the link in GWT to check that it has been uploaded correctly?

yes i have followed the link GWT and i shows broken link but for another website it shows ok. but still for both i am getting the error.

If it’s showing a broken link, then you haven’t placed the file correctly, and you won’t be able to verify the site. Google needs to be able to find the file at the expected URL.

How long has it been since you tried to verify the other site? If you’re able to view the file at the expected link, are you sure it isn’t being blocked from Google by a robots.txt file?

After your reply i have then applied your thoughts and again do the same thing . still i am facing the problem

i upload the file to public html directory on hosting domain panel and file uploaded and verified but google is not verifying in google webmaster

i have uploaded the attachments please see below

The error message from Google is saying that the server timed out. If I remember rightly, Google will try again (one of my sites didn’t verify at the first attempt), or you can just try again later. If you keep getting the same error message, then you might want to contact your hosting company.

ok i will contact them and get back to you if i find still the same problem

If we get the access for DNS zone section for my website from hosting providers then what values and modification we need to do for it. can you please help us out little bit more in this

I don’t think the DNS settings have anything to do with it. Google reported that the connection timed out. If you continue to receive the same message from Google, then you need to ask your hosting provider if there’s an ongoing problem with the server. (Not least because if Google is encountering this problem, potential visitors may also be encountering it.)