Google Webfonts API - Should I use it?


Has anyone used Google Webfonts API. I was wondering how it affects page load speed or should I stick to the devil you know?

It’s no different than any other webfont, so there’s no real reason NOT to use it, but you better be sure there’s a fallback font stack for those that have javascript turned off.

Though I would suggest being very careful on which font you use and for how much. It’s like any other type of decorative element on a site - don’t let the prettiness of it deter from it’s usability. Only use the flashy/fancy fonts for special elements (h1/2/3/4/etc) and leave the bulk of the reading content to a decent, clean and straight forward font. I’m not saying you’re stuck with a “safe” font, but make sure it’s legible and you don’t try to use, say, a grunge font as your main site font.

It should have no different side effects than a regular script page or stylesheet. I would basically explain everything, but just read this link.

Upon initial download, cache goes into effect.

I’ve visited many sites on this forum with that, and I haven’t noticed any sluggish behavior.

Some good info here. thanks for your replies.