Google+ vs Page Rank

Few days somebody asked me the Difference between Google Plust and Page Rank?

Anybody know about it?

They have nothing to do… they’re completely different things.

Page Rank refers to the algorithm that will give a rank to your page in Google.

Google+ is Google’s new kind on the block. It is a social too, very similar to facebook and created with the solely purpose of competing with… facebook :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be interesting to see how much weight Google Pluses will have on Search results though. I am still looking for someone who has some experiments using Google Plus only for ranking.

These “experiments” will be a waste of time, as most SEO experiments dreamt up by sites like Search Engine Roundtable and SEOMoz are often full of statistical blunders or are borderline lies.

To answer the original question, one is worth next to nothing and one is worth nothing. Until Google confirm that they definitely use Google +1 buttons in their ranking algorithm it is worth nothing.

Google+ and Page rank are different.

Google+ maybe you are referring to the +1 button. It is a list of people or users who visit your site and add +1 if they like it.
PR is a Google algorithm. PR is a rank to your page and only Google give it.

I feel that in near future Google + count gonna play a very important role in SERP of a page.

PR or Google Plus is really different aspects and i agree with0" Ultimate" that PR and Google plus currently have no such value may be in near future Google plus will be an effective tool for deciding ranking but this is just assumption.

Yes I believe in that too. Maybe for now we cannot feel/see the benefit of adding +1 to our site or to the content of our blog. But I’m sure that in near future it will help you to be rank in Google.

I can’t believe I’m actually quoting Richard Dawkins…

It’s not a valid argument to say that you feel something. What you feel and what I feel is irrelevant, and all that matters is what there is evidence for. Some people feel that they’re Napoleon, but it doesn’t make them Napoleon.

Rather than “feel” it, think logically about what would happen if the Google +1 button was included in the Google search algorithm. In theory it would give democracy to search, but as these forums show there are a lot of people who want to game the system, and before long the system would lose any credibility for Google.

This is why I feel that the Google +1 button will only be used as a statistical reference when tweaking the algorithm, in the same way that the Chrome blacklist extension was used during the Panda updates (to see if people agreed with their changes). Google’s algorithm has made them billions, so why on Earth would they include a metric that SEO spammers cannot wait to jump all over?

Google plus one seems to be one of the best way for the tech savvy and particularly Google product users can share the content of their like throughout the web just by a click.