Google Voice encroaching on Skype?

I just heard about Google Voice – own custom phone number and voicemail (for free too).

Just like the “Skype Me” button that you can place on website. Google Voice has a “Call Me” button too.

Is Google trying to get into Skype market-space? If I wasn’t already paying for Skype number and voicemail, I would have signed up for Google Voice instead.

Google is trying to get into everyone’s market space on the Internet.

Google is the new MS, just with better PR.

Google is trying to get into any market that will help them sell more relevant ads. The more they know about you, the more effective their advertising is.

Look at Gmail for instance. Aside from Google Apps, there is absolutely no income from Gmail. You’re never charged to sign up and they give you just about 8gb of space for free. You can even just use the Gmail servers and view your email through a client like Outlook which makes the defaults ads a non-issue. However, every email you receive and send passes through Google’s servers which means that they learn a little more about you. With enough information they’ll be able to serve you extremely relevant ads which result in a click which generates income for them.

Google may be competing with Skype at the moment, but the voice market is not the target. The purpose of all this is simply to better understand what types of ads their customers want to see.