Google update is ongoing!


I recently come across to a site which is saying that the google’s soft update is active. You may find the more information over here -

Also tell me if anybody is affected by this update?

you can read about Google Zebra Update from this blog.


I’m always skeptical about these kinds of posts. Google ALWAYS modifies its algorithm, so I don’t consider this newsworthy in the slightest.

There is NO Zebra/Algebra update!

Also agree that Google is constantly updating their algorithms on a daily basis, so nothing to worry about.

Google integrated “Panda algorithm” to their core algorithm, so no more notification will be there for updates. Also they will update the algorithm frequently. Dont bother it, just do ethical SEO.

Surely that’s the point? If an algorithm is “live” then it’s running as a part of their “core” algorithm?

Panda was just a name that SEO types came up with to explain why their sites were tanking. Google’s ultimate aim is to deter spammers and to provide the best possible results.

Dont bother it, just do ethical SEO.

Good advice @mikesmithnew ; if people concentrated on website content instead of trying to trick users onto their websites the internet would be a better place.

Google updates its algorithms regularly. Their admin stated that; hence it shouldn’t be a surprise for us.

I come across that Google zebra is a hoax. Is that true? At the same time i also read some threads which illustrates that Google next update is Zebra. Its make me more conflict. Please clear with my doubt.

It’s a bit of both really.

There probably is an update, and somewhere in Google it might be referred to as Zebra. However, since Panda kicked off a lot of SEO sites found that their page views were going through the roof. As a result, any time they believed a major update was coming (or not) they decided to give it a name and to scare everyone.

Google updates its algorithm constantly, and they test different variations of it in different areas at different times. They don’t just sit back, come up with a name and release it like some “product”.

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