Google to penalise over poor SEO

With the new changes with Google Algorithms has any one here had any impact on their website? good or bad? I know that the changes have kicked in now and have stopped my link building until I know the outcomes of the changes.

I doubt if anyone can know for sure what effect any particular algorithm change has on their site. These changes happen frequently, and any given change can takes weeks to work its way through. There are also many other reasons for a site’s ranking to change, regardless of anything Google does.

In short, you can’t really know whether the “poor SEO penalty” has had an impact on your site. (but I’m sure that won’t stop people claiming that it has.)


Thanks Mike,

I am also in the process of changing servers and at the moment my hits are building up quite well and keeping my ears close to the ground with the changes Google have applied.

Google always looks for unique & quality content that add value to their users. Google penalize the website which is over optimized or overseo’d.

I used to work on a client website and the website was a B2B portal having content, as Google Panda hits major websites my client website was also lost its ranking and most important traffic. same time i found many updated on Google Panda and i analyzed the website’s complete traffic, which keywords dropped and then which pages getting less traffic after that update and then we implemented new fresh and good content and website took about 3 months to get the into its original position.

There are some useful tips prevent from google penalty:-

-Do not use duplicate content
-Do not selling text links to other sites.
-Do not use excessive keywords in content.
-Use Proper meta description,title and keywords in on page.
-Do not linking to bad neighborhood sites.
-Do not use cloaking.
-Do not doing link farming.

Yes , it is fact. I also admit that google may penalize over SEO. So SEOs have to careful about that.

I thought there was a penalty for bad SEO already: bad rankings.

If you have a site with great content and you have a exceptional brand image, you will not need to do any SEO. But if not, you still have to do link building to get better ranking in Google.
Google has implemented webspam filter on 24th April. It has affected huge number of sites. Google is mainly cracking down link schemes and blog networks. You can still do link building, but you have to change the way you do earlier. Get links but make it natural.