Google Tag Manager results are not showing up in Google Analytics

I am still hammering away at installing Google Tag Manager on a client website.

I have built tags to fire for page-views and link-events.

The page-view and link-event tags are shown to fire on the page using the Tag Manager De-bugger.

A typical link-tag looks like

Universal Analytics
Track Type of Event
{{event}} equals gtm.linkClick
{{element ID}} contains nav-home

with the rules being the lower two values set in brackets.

I’ve used elementID instead of element URL because many of the links scroll within the page using a <a href="#internal-link">

In response to this article

by Simo Ahava I have modified my JavaScript scrolling script to have “event.preventDefault();”.

The Page-view fires and shows up in Google Analytics.

The Link-Click Events do not show up in Google Analytics even though Tag Manager De-bugger shows them to fire.

How can I get Google Analytics to show and track these events?

Much thanks in advance.