Google Slap

Can someone explain to me how a website with absolutely no illicit linking practices or black hat techniques move from the second page to 314 in a single day?

There is no hidden black hat techniques with this website, not that anyone is aware of for certain. it almost seem like a bad joke that such an astronomical drop could happen in a day. What possible factors can cause this to happen?

Well regardless of what others have to say about it being non existent I am a firm believer that “caffeine” does not affect all sites equally. While blogs and news sites and web 2.0 sites are likely to see the effects of “Caffeine” I personally have noticed monthly index updates that have moved my pages around in the index over a period of several days only to reappear with a higher ranking. In fact this just happened to one of my targeted keywords. My site fluctuated wildly for this keyword for 3 days then it completely disappeared for one day, finally it reappeared in the top position with site links.

I believe based on what I have seen there is still “the dance” affecting sites that are not the types that produce daily updates such as e commerce stores like mine. Therefore the dance still does exist to some degree.

And Matt Cutts being the “Horses Mouth” I have serious doubts about the real truth coming from Google for good reason.

Sorry, you’re wrong. What used to be referred to the “dance” (which DID exist up until around 2003), then became what people referred to when they witness results propagation across the data-centers.

If you don’t believe me, then here it is from the ‘horses mouth’:

Index update: When new indexing data is pushed out to data centers. From the summer of 2000 to the summer of 2003, index updates tended to happen about once a month. The resulting changes were called the Google Dance. The Google Dance occurred over the course of 6-8 days because each data center in turn had to be taken out of rotation and loaded with an entirely new web index, and that took time. In the summer of 2003 (the Google Dance called “Update Fritz”), Google switched to an index that was incrementally updated every day (or faster). Instead of a monolithic monthly event, the Google would refresh some of its index pretty much every day, which generated much smaller day-to-day changes that some people called everflux.

Over the years, Google’s indexing has been streamlined, to the point where most regular people don’t even notice the index updating. As a result, the terms “everflux,” “Google Dance,” and “index update” are hardly ever used anymore (or they’re used incorrectly :slight_smile: ). Instead, most SEOs talk about algorithm updates or data updates/refreshes. Most data refreshes are index updates, although occasionally a data refresh will happen outside of the day-to-day index updates. For example, updated backlinks and PageRanks are made visible every 3-4 months.

With caffeine, this is even less pronounced to where updates are almost simultaneous, even though there are hundreds more servers and heaps more data-centers.

The only Google Dance that exists now is this one - which is also apparently ‘no longer’…

this normally happen if website is new. i think this phenomena is called ‘google dance’

Sometimes this is temporary.

Just the same way that a site can move from 314 to the second page in single day. Ranking algorithms change; different factors get waited differently; backlinks gain and loose value. it happens.

I sure do and I have seen it. Too many Google myths floating around. Why do people worry so much about “slap” “dance” etc… And no it never went away.

Do you even know what the Google dance is? There has not been one since 2003:

Doubt that, I have seen this recently… Coming, going, dancing, until google settles down and places it where ti belongs.

I have seen caffeine index my blog much faster than my store… Maybe since it has more text… who knows.

Nope. There has not been a Google Dance since 2003.

The page in question never belonged on page 2 on the first place and it took Google this long to work out where it really belonged?

Cue comparison with less deserving pages but higher rankings…

Yes, it was temporary. I just panicked a bit. I i’ve seen this more than once. the page has been parked on page two since January. it belongs there. As a matter of fact it should be in the first page.