Google Sites: wise choice for ecommerce?

Google Apps seems like quite a bargain. Use your own domain name, and get ten free (and excellent) email accounts, plus google docs, calendar, and sites.

You can even use your free google site for ecommerce by adding the google store gadget.

But the limitations involved make it wonder if it’s worth the trouble.

First, getting setup so that end user can get to your store by entering the “naked domain” can be quite a challenge. And keeping that domain from changing to a cheesy-looking “” can be even more challenging.

Then, as I understand it, the gadget will not allow buyers to make their purchases until the buyers sign up for a google account. And using paypal (a google competitor) is out of the question. To me, that just seems unprofessional. I would expect better from a real ecommerce site.

Please let me know if I’m wrong about any of that.

Personally, I think it’s a very clear case of “get what you pay for”. The Google sites we’ve had to debug around here have pretty awful code.

+1. I’d go with a serious eCommerce solution like Magento, [URL=“”]ZenCart or [URL=“”]Shopify. Your site is going to require an investment, you’ll get out of your site only what you put in.

Regarding Google Sites: dealing with them in the past, I haven’t been too impressed.

Magento ! :slight_smile:

well i dont recommend it. there are reasons

You have limitations on your website. when your business grows and you want your own store with unlimited functionality then it is hard to migrate (you will loss traffic) etc

Also not recommended for new online stores. The system requirements and complexity rule it out for all but established stores with money for dedicated hardware and a staff developer/admin.

Of those mentioned here, I’ll give a second nod to Shopify. Let someone else worry about hosting, configuration, scaling and PCIDSS compliance. You have a business to build first.

Try different software to test because we have different needs for our business. Choose wisely because the success of your business also depends on the software you choose.