Google Shows Old Site`s Info

Hi there,
I recently redesigned Prospera Place’s website. While I was designing it I was designing for while the old site remained at [noparse] When I was finished the design they redirected the IP address (or however that works… I had nothing to do with that side of things) and now my website is at[/noparse]. Problem is, when I type ‘Prospera Place’ into Google, the old site’s info pops up. It’s good because it’s at the top of Google, but the info doesn’t pertain to what is on the site now. For example, it has the link and then different header links (‘Tickets’, ‘Employment’, etc.) and the new site doesn’t even have an Employment tab.

I know very little about SEO so any guidance is appreciated… where is this google info stored, and how can I change what shows up on Google, but keep it at the top of the search results? Thanks!

What you need to do is to arrange for all the old URLs to be redirected to the closest matching new URL.

The mantra of the day is “Old URLs should never die” … if you move a page, put a redirect on the old URL to send people to the new one. First, this helps Google and other search engines to update their index pages, but secondly, it means that anyone following an old link or with an old bookmark still gets to the right page.

Another thing to consider is … why would you want anyone to have to type in instead of or even just Simple, short and sweet is better than long, convoluted and esoteric. From that point of view, I would recommend moving your site to the www subdomain instead of newwebsite.

The easiest way to set up a redirect is to create an .htaccess plain text file (or edit the one you’ve already got) with lines like this:

Redirect 301 [COLOR="#DD0000"]/old-page.htm[/COLOR] [COLOR="#008000"][/COLOR]

Note that you need to use the full URL for the new page, but only a relative reference for the old page. (Coloured text is for illustration only, obviously you can’t colour text in a plain text file!)

Thanks for the help. I’ll try to redirect the old links to new ones that are similar. How can I also change the description that shows up below these links?

And to clarify, the website was located at while it was being designed - but once I completed the website it has now been moved to simple or

Thanks again.

You have to wait for the search engines to crawl your site again and update their databases.

Thanks Ralph.

I’ve had that same problem before when I made updates on my friend’s blog before. He told me to fix his blog so that it would appear on the front page of the SERPs, so I told him to change the title into something that he would like people to search for. We then changed the title, and looked at Google. Well, I already told him that it won’t be instantly updated, so we had to wait. I think it took about a few days to a few weeks before it changed to the new info on the results pages.

If you really want Google to make an update, it is best if you ping your site every day. This will invite the bots to visit your site instead of just waiting for it to come.

Thanks for the tip, I had never even heard of ‘pinging’ before.