Google Search Terms with no Google Ads


I have seen some Google Keywords that receive around 20,000 searches a
month but there are no ads showing. Can anyone advise why this is
please? If someone bought an adword for thus keyword would it be very

If you are purely looking at Google’s auction model for AdWords, then yes, the keyword should be cheap.

However, you need to take into account AdWords’ quality score, which looks at the relevance and CTR% of your ad before deciding what price should you be paying per click.

For example, if you are selling dog food on your website, buying ads for a keyword like “buy” is going to give you a low quality score, so low that your ad might not even show up at all despite the high search volume for a generic keyword like this.

Also, cheap clicks doesn’t always mean that these clicks are profitable. You can have a low CPC for a keyword but paying way more per lead or per sale because these keywords with high search volume are usually not as relevant as what you are offering on your website.

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