Google Search Engine

hello Friends,

I have a problem with Google search my domain name is of 2 words and 10 letters, [noparse][/noparse]

when i search for bharat desi in Google it shows , when i type with no spaces bharatdesi Google shows the results but when i type Bharat or bharat it doesn’t show in any of 1 to 50 pages …

somes websites starts with some other name and ends with bharat they show up in the results …

Can any one kindly suggest me some reasons or tips

Thanks for your time…

Without knowing what the words mean, it’s difficult to know if you are competing for very popular terms or highly specialist ones, which will have an impact on how high up the SERPs you appear. Google considers over 200 factors when evaluating a website, and the domain name and title tag are just two of those. You need to ensure that your home page, and your whole site, are optimised for relevant words or phrases, you can’t just rely on having them in the domain name.

I’m guessing that the first word “bharat” probably is a competitive keyword in the search engine and other sites with the same name which are more visible to the crawler appear. In case, increase your seo effort. And like what stevie said; keep in mind to optimize your home pages for relevant word or words. By the way, how old is your site now?

As bharat desi both words are matching with your domain it will show in results with little seo work. but with bharat word it will take time because it is very high competition keyword and you need to do good on-page and off-page seo also.

Its 8th month now … anyways thanks for your time…

Hey I appreciate for these valuable suggestions… i will ask further help on this later… Thanks

hi, i have seen your query & i just suggest that you should work on both keywords. Main benefit is both keywords are in your url are included so you can target both keywords & do SEO on page & off page seo services.

Hey it’s because you have done any SEO on your bharat or Bharat keyword And Google is not a case sensitive so both the keyword is same.You just have to do some SEO on that keyword for your site.