Google Search and Analytics Data

Would google not see this information from google analytics (if it is installed)?

Although I had a feeling i read that they don’t use analytics data for the search engine side of things at the moment but surely it wouldn’t be hard for them to use it. If they were seeing loads of traffic from Bing to a site but virtually none from their own system wouldn’t it be an advantage to log that and adjust their own search algorithms if needed?

“if needed”

You are assuming that Google puts importance on backlinks.

An analogy.

I’m in a strange town shopping for a new computer.
I ask a constable to please give me directions to the nearest computer store.

Would I rather have him answer
“There’s a large crowd of people looking in the window of the dress shop half a block to your left”
“There’s an Apple store a block to your right”

No. They don’t use Analytics data.

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But using your analogy… the person (Mr Google) telling you to go to the apple store is google because that is all they know at the time and don’t know the other shop. If you spoke to the next person in the street Mr Bing, he might send everyone to ‘Ace computers co.’ because they stay in the shop for longer than the apple store.

If mr google saw all of the people going into Ace computers perhaps he might send you there next time?


ah perhaps thats whay i had seen. thanks for clarifying

I doubt the reliability of Analytics data with the amount of referral spam currently about. Plus if it were a ranking factor, it would be wide open to manipulation. These are good reasons why Google would not use the data.

Well Google doesn’t know “how long” except maybe for sequentially recurring searches.

But I imagine Google would have an interest in monitoring other search engines. It is a business after all.

The analytics data is not for influencing search result positioning.
It provides information and leaves it to the web sites to use their intelligence in how to best use the information. eg. which “campaign” pages help to better achieve conversions.

I’ve moved this to a new topic, as we were getting 'way off the original subject.

It would also lead to an unequal playing field, as not every site uses Google Analytics (and visitors can block Analytics from tracking them).

Ah - but you’re drawing the conclusion that Ace must be better than Apple, because people spend longer there. But maybe Apple is much better laid out and makes it easier to find what you want, with a quicker check-out. People are not staying longer in Ace by choice, but because it’s more difficult and time-consuming to do what they want to do.

Analytics data may tell you what people are doing, but it doesn’t tell you why they’re doing it.

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