Google says SEO is a Bug!

There are many news about SEO through google and from SEO communities, that SEO is becoming more tough and difficult one. Recently one of my friend went to UK to attend a SEO seminar, in that they had shared a link in which google says that “SEO is a Bug and soon they will fix it”, what does google mean to say are they gonna come with more changes and vanish SEO? But for me it seems like google is going to focus on paid Ad, Adsense etc. so friends what is your suggestion? what do you think about it? Still SEO got a future? Thank You!

Google clarified their statement, and it appears that what was said was not clear and taken out of context.

Although, there are many more factors that now go into ranking search results and it is more difficult, I do not believe the need for SEO is going away.

Let’s be clear… there’s a part of SEO that has always been a bug: falsely positioning something that is not the most relevant item to the top. The idea of developing a page that engines can easily read and using the terms that people most search for, that’s just logical optimization, but when you’ve got content farms and serious gaming that goes on to show up because a flood of backlinks, that’s an error.

The goal of search is to get people to the result they want to see and as tech has progressed the engines have become closer to a human but still rely on indicators which can be gamed to a degree. That will continue to shift and evolve [or as you said, change] as they fight to improve their accuracy and shake off the cheats. Your site and optimization strategy should always be about the user first – that’s what the engines are going to look for and frankly that’s what you need to keep the person around when they click.

Remember there’s a difference between making your page suit the user best which does include things like keyword selection to resonate and be findable when they go looking – and manipulation. It’s not just white hat vs blackhat, it’s your purpose – an engine or a person.

This has no correlation to paid ads. The fastest [and perhaps only] way for Google to fail is to compromise quality in a major way so while you may see more ad units, bolder units, etc, Google is going to aggressively build their product to be sure there’s a person to show those ads too.