Google Sandbox

What is Google Sandbox?

? A key component of the facilities located in Mountain View, CA, USA for pre-school children?!t=jo&jid=29137&


And Google employees? :slight_smile:

It may be beneficial to first learn what Google is, and how to use it. :wink:


The Google sandbox is an algorithm created by Google to moderate new website which has low domain authority and page authority.

It is created so that new website can’t rank on search engine after a certain period of time.

Experts believe that, it takes time to Google to catch up your content and response it immediately.

Please can you cite a reputable source for that?

Google Search Console Help does not provide any reference to a sandbox at all, which seems to confirm my own feeling that “Google Sandbox” is a myth, created from old information.

Indeed, this Google forum post from 2009 refers to it as an out-dated term.!topic/webmasters/LitLfUBgV3Y

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Google Sandbox is a holding area where new domains or low quality websites are hold certain period of time and have their search ratings on hold until they can prove worthy of ranking.

Where did you get this information from? Your point has been made earlier in this thread but no authority has been provided. As @TechnoBear mentions the term seems to have been an out-dated in 2009.


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