Google results , in different regions!

Why Google gives diferent results in Countries ?

If you search in , , in , in etc. etc. , for a keyword in each country google gives different results . Why does it hapens ? shouldn’t google gives everywhere the same result ?

Why should Google give the same results all over the world?

Google’s aim is to give the results that are most relevant to the person searching. That’s why they use your searching history and location, where they can, to personalise the results. Sure, there are some terms that are global and you will gte the same answer wherever you are in the world. But there are others where the best answer will depend on the country you live in. Take a search term like “employment law”, for example. The law varies dramatically from one country to another, so in order to give relevant results, Google needs to know which country you are in – mostly it does that by knowing which Google page you are looking at.

They give different results in different cities as well as states, let alone countries! Results also vary on the individual search history of the user as well.

Thank you for your quick replies

Result according to region is more accurate, for example a florist shop in UK, the shop is more relevant to UK users rather than Japan user. Perhaps the company serve multinational region, then it will get rank in most of the countries. Example company are VISA, Master, Paypal, facebook, Microsoft…

May be this is on because of different data center. Google have different data center with different geographic location. Google always love to provide more useful information. geograhic location help you to give you more accurate result.

I want visitors from around the world but know that most of my business will come from the UK. Originally my geographic target was set to the default but then I changed it to the UK because although I was ranking well for I wasn’t doing so well in
The big players can feature well in Google searches around the world, but for smaller sites who want international exposure it is really difficult to get well placed in more than one country search, and I understand the op’s probable frustration when they look at rankings from other google locations.

If i am from USA and i am searching for any restaurant, spa saloon in USA or in my region and if i am getting UK saloon and restaurants how that can be useful to me. Thats why google usa will how me usa results

Yes and that’s fine if you are in the US and are looking for something that is in the US. But the question concerns something that is in one country, and how it appears in searches made from other countries.
The OP is promoting hotels in Crete and when I search Google US for his keyword Crete hotel one of his websites is on page 2, on Google UK it is page 6 and Google Canada has it on page 3. This was using Chrome incognito so that my search history was not a consideration.
Why should the geographic location of the searcher influence a search for something that isn’t either local or relevant to the locality? The only explanation I can think of for the different ranking positions is the geographic targets set by the individual websites.

Yes , ozsubasi , you are right , i have been searching my main keywords like , Crete Hotel , in about 7 different regions , and in any of them i have totaly different results . The funy think is in Greece , my main greek keywords are coming in the top 5 resolts .

Given that Google is matching local searches to local sites, it is understandable that you are ranking well in Google Greece.
Have you set a geographic target in webmaster tools?

No , i havent i havent set the geographic target in the webmaster .
I have to choose only one Country ? is it worthy , because hasn’t got only Europe as USA . I must t o choose a specified Country in Europe ?

No, you don’t have to at all, I was just wondering whether you had and if so whether it had influenced your results. If you want to reach all countries and not target a particular one the geographic target should be set as unlisted, which I believe is the default.
It’s going to be very difficult to get good rankings in all countries, but one thing you can try is to get backlinks from different country sites, for example if you wanted to improve in Google Germany go for some .de backlinks.
Maybe you could narrow the field down? For example, most foreign visitors to my town come from the UK and the Scandinavian countries. So my main site is now targeted at the UK and I have a subdomain that is in the Norwegian language. I know that most visitors to Crete come from other European countries but are there any that come mainly from particular ones? You could perhaps have content on your site, perhaps a page, for those people.