Google Reader Issues

Is anyone else having problems with Google Reader lately? Every time I go back to it, it says I have 600+ unread items, all of which I have read. I then click Mark All as Read and it shows the new 4 items I haven’t read yet. Once I read those, it returns the 600+ again… it is getting to be annoying.

Am I the only one who is having this problem?

No… I’m not getting it… but maybe it is because I don’t use it :stuck_out_tongue:

runs and hides

:smashy: when I catch you… :lol:

Yay! I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

Someone help meeeee! He’s coming after me and wants to smash me! runs even faster

Seems that you found the answer :wink:

You forgot the “and then laughs hysterically” part :wink:

I knew I was forgetting about something… but I think that it was my drink :stuck_out_tongue: