Google ranking drop tremendously within 2 weeks

My website google rank drop tremendously within 2 weeks, don’t know what happen. Any expert can help to explain why it’s happen? Thanks in advance?

The Reasons behind so may be irrelevant incoming links,or use of unethical techniques.

Yes, your site may have been hit by the Panda update from Google. Hope it helps!

Good point, probably hit by google panda update. Thanks

You can find resources online on how to get back by changing some things on your site (structure, remove pages that offers no value, etc.). Good luck man!

Is all you question will affect my ranking?

  1. I have banner ads link from a fews website
  2. I have adwords campaign running for keyword search and display network
  3. But my website didn’t offer any ads space to others and no adsense either.

The above 3 points you mentioned is not really affect the site ranking unless you use those excessively. But can you share your website url so that we can check properly your site.


Is your site new? If it is a new site, then it could be Google Dancing on your site. If not, then check your backlinks and see if they are still there. Work on your backlinks to the site and add quality content, then your ranking will eventually come back. This is what happened to one of my sites.

My site is 3 years old site, it’s consider not new.

Try to Build link on relevant Sites rather than irrelevant sites

Relevancy is definitely key. Some relevant anchor text links from some higher page ranked sites definitely can’t hurt. Sounds like you just need a little off-page maintenance.


Do you update the website frequently? How are your backlinks?

3 years down the road, your site should be having more number of backlinks than it has now. Most of your backlinks seems to be paid links. Still, the number and the quality are okay. The change in ranking can be due to the panda update.

I think you should check your website backlinks and try to find out have you placed any link on bad neighborhood.Then try to create more quality backlinks for those keywords on which your ranking is going to down.

Could be a lot of different reasons. Panda perhaps…just get it back to where you had it with hard work.

all because of Panda update ,not the link problem

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