Google question

when google crawls through a blog can it detect the grammar of the blog? for example if i wrote non nonsensical things with the keywords in them wouldn’t it read that and count it in or no?

You mean like the emails that stuff non-spam words in with the spam to trick spam filters?

Google finds misspelled words and typos, so I imagine if you had something like
“sneaker boat bargain vitamins maple redundancy”, someone looking for “bargain vitamins” might get a result looking like
" … boat bargain vitamins maple …"

I doubt if many would click on anything looking like that.

google crawl text content: WYSIWYG what you see is what you get… even if its wrong spelling google still going to crawl and index it…

Google can easily do that because of its fast working algo. It usually do that because of guessing the similar words to the theme. It is not only the single reason of making the google Big G.

I think Google can not detect the minor grammatical errors.

as far as i understand i can create several blogs with the proper keywords and point them to my site and help it in the seo, unless i misunderstood something.

how should i increase my backlinks?

google never checks grammatical mistakes google index wat u want to be