Google places category question

Hello all

Was hoping you guys could help me with this one. I have the quality guidelines listed and would like to know if I"m doing this the right way. We are a drycleaning and laundry service company. The only thing we do is Drycleaning and Laundry. I was thinking I will add the 5 categories to my listing:

  1. Dry Cleaner suggested by auto complete google
  2. Laundromat suggested by auto complete google
  3. Dry Cleaners
  4. Drycleaning
  5. Laundry

Will the above categories invite the wrath of google? All the above barring laundry has been shortlisted from US Google Places Categories complete list viewable at

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there,

Here is a specific quote from the Google Places Quality Guidelines answering your question:

Categories should say what your business is (e.g. Hospital), not on what it does (e.g. Vaccinations) or things it sells (e.g. Sony products or printer paper). This information can be added in your description or as custom attributes.

This means that “drycleaning” and “laundry” could potentially cause problems. are the results that Mike Blumenthal’s category finder displays when you search for “cleaning”. You might pick the best matching ones.

Note: Mike Blumenthal’s list of banned words to which you provided a link is not the official list of all words banned from use on Google Places. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of other such words.



Thanks for your reply. What makes you think Mike Blumenthal’s list in banned? I dont think I said it was banned or do you know through some other source that it is banned? If you were me and you were a dry cleaner what categories would you have selected?


Hi again,

What I meant was that Mike’s list is NOT the official list of banned words. Not that the list itself is banned :slight_smile:

Anyway, there is actually no officially released list and Google are reluctant to doing that.

I need to know some more information about your business in order to be able to suggest some concrete categories, but if I were you, I was going to first choose the most appropriate Google recommended categories, and then use Google Insights and Google AdWords Keywords Tool to find the most appropriate additional categories.