Google Penalty - 2 feedburner feed for single wordpress blog

My wordpress blog have 2 feedburner feed. One feed created on google account, another feed created on feedburner account.

I think this is reason for google penalty. Now i delete one feed and change settings of another feedburner feed, i active noindex options on feedburner publicize tab.

Till last month Google cache my blog home page within a minute…(after blog post). But now my blog home page cache not updating very fast.

It need to deactivate noindex options?

2 feedburner feed reason for google penalty?

Having an additional feed isn’t going to hurt your rankings at all. A feed is just another way to syndicate your content and doesn’t actually duplicate your content.

Are you posting updates just as frequently as you were last month? Is Google still crawling your site and just not indexing the content?

Jeff’s correct.

Additionally Feedburner is owned and operated by Google.

There is no ranking correlation between RSS/Atom syndication etc.

Indexation rate (updated cache rate) is PURELY a result of PageRank (and some other small factors). Higher the PageRank (quantity and quality of backlinks) the faster/deeper the indexation. Nothing to do with RSS.

WordPress “pings” update services by default, and when you have FeedBurner enabled for your feed, that also “pings” the update server - but both of these actions are independent of the crawl/discover engine.