Google penalize for multiple sites in a Google Account?

If you have multiple sites put them on separate Class C IPs preferably on different hosting companies or else Google devalues the links pass from one to another.

How about setting up multiple sites on a Google account like Google Analytics, webmaster tools, feedburner, and others, wouldn’t Google know it’s the same owner and devalue your link juice?

Google has said repeatedly that Adwords and Analytics is not considered in the search algorithm. It think they do have ways of determining relationships though, such as through usage statistics. I think if you make good sites that are valuable, you will not get devalued for having many on the same IP address.

I think it is better to concentrate on the good quality unique content which is google likes the most and then you will never get banned

If you develop website with unique content and your information on website do not copied from any one else website then their is not chance of penalize so it is first basic rule to create website unique and informative content

Google doesn’t care about your hosting as long as you have good content and not keyword stuffing…