Google Penality

How to define if my site is penalized by Google or not? Any tips?

By the way, my site is already 1 year old!!

Try doing a search for the company name or domain name. If you see results then most likely you are not penalized.

This is not a foolproof method, but is a quick and dirty way to see if you might be penalized. If your site does not come up in searches for your company name or domain name then you could be penalized?

The above situation happen when google de-indexed any site from its database. Check your keyword rankings… are all rankings are as previous or they went very down… if yes then it is possible that Google has penalized ur site.


  1. Check if your site is still indexed: Start a search query for: (or net, or whatever)

  2. Check your rankings at Google for example for your domain name.
    If your domain is not ranking for these terms, you probably have been penalized.

  3. Check your rankings for your main title tags or some special long tail keyword phrases.
    Inf your page is not ranking for these tags/keywords, you might have been penalized too.

If your website is penalized you will see a drastic change in traffic or conversions. Your rankings may drop or some unusual Google Analytics reports.

If your website ranking down in google search engine it means your site penalized.

Some time it happens that ranking down because of Google dance and don’t think your site panelize keep work for your site and if it does not effect and you lost ranking even through site name, Almost this condition occur when site panelized

Here are some tips(I saw in somewhere else) to tell whether your site is penalized or not:

  1. Searching your site with your own domain name without extension. If your domain is unique then your domain “must” ranked #1. If not, your site might has some sort of penalization.

Otherwise check if your site ranked below If so, you have some serious problem and need attention.

Exception - If you have other similar name then you might not be ranked #1 but your competitor does. This is common because your competitor has more authoritative status in Google point of view compared to your site. It’s time to built up more quality links and contents.

  1. Searching with site operator ( and see if your homepage ranked #1 or not. If not and inner page ranked instead, your site may be either new or the homepage has been re-evaluate by Google. This might be a sign for penalty either.

  2. Do search with info operator ( This could help you check the site acknowledge by Google. If not, most of the time your site has been de-indexed or penalized already.

If you are making high visitors by your self only and doing hard work of seo on the site to make high ranking.that situation Google blocked your site…

Usually, a site may be penalized by putting their site on the sandbox or sometimes the last page of Google for the keyword they’re trying to rank.

Google Dance is different as it only moves a few notches up or down. But if your site is penalized, it will be slapped hard.

Check your site indexing details and also Use Google analytics to check your site traffic.If you are getting traffic and SERP for index status then your site has not been penalized by Google.

There is another way of finding your website is penalize or not that is if your any keyword was ranking on search engine it retain the ranking or lose the ranking then there is no plenty against your website. But if your website is vanished from google search engine then some thing wrong.

Wait for few days it come back then that is wrong if it does not come back that means confirm plenty…

normally a penalized site is ranked much lower and the best way to find if you are penalized is to use google webmaster tool

You can search for “”, if nothing appears, that mean that either your site hasn’t been indexed yet or it was deindexed.

If the latter is the case, try creating some backlinks, don’t blast them though.